Project Backpack

When I first launched the Plystre Project Bag back in October, I never imagined it becoming such a huge part of Plystre. I thought it would be a fun side project, taking use of my sewing machine again and working with different fabrics and materials. It has been a very educational journey, where I have learned a lot about designing, different sewing techniques,  what materials goes well together – and also that I am a very impatient person.

When someone mentioned to me that I should make a project backpack as well, I kind of laughed it off but in my mind I already started planning, sketching and experimenting. When I tried out the ideas on my sewing machine nothing really came out the way I wanted it to, so I left it for a few weeks, picked it up again, threw it back into my “work-in-progress” basket and picked it up yet again. I went back and forth for 3 month, being so frustrated and just wanting to give up the whole project. Then my husband asked me why I needed to change the design. Why couldn’t I just make a new project bag, but with back straps. And he was right. Why make it more complicated?

The backpack is a continuation of the project bag. It is very similiar in looks, however the backpack has a few extra smart functions which makes it unique.  Carry everything needed for your knitting projects in this backpack. Spacious with pockets at every turn, this backpack fits multiple projects, your laptop, your purse, your phone and knitting notions.

Each backpack has one roomy pocket where you can fit a large sweater project, a divider for your laptop and pockets for your knitting needles.  It also comes with a large project clutch with plentiful of practical knitter’s pockets,  so you can bring your knitting with you everywhere.


Perfectly lightweight and comfortable, the backpack is handmade in double layered cotton canvas with a vegetable-tanned leather details. You can adjusts the back straps, accommodating a range of body types and wearing heights.

The backpack comes in 5 colors and will be available here.

Xx Warunee