We have now been living in Thailand for a whole month! What a crazy month it has been. We’ve found an amazing apartment in the city center after viewing over 15 apartments in 3 days, my two girls have started school and pre-school and we’ve already traveled 3 times. Now I am trying to settle into new routines with work and daily life.

Since moving to Thailand I’ve been living really minimally. Back in Norway I had a closet full of cheap clothes I rarely wore. Moving to Thailand with only a small suitcase for myself, I have found myself remixing my clothes regularly and it feels so good. No more mindless browsing for clothes to wear and less clutter. I’ve always been fascinated and inspired by the capsule wardrobe movement and have decided to finally tackle it myself.

So what is a capsule?

In short, a capsule wardrobe is a relatively small collection of versatile pieces that you love to wear and are easy to remix, resulting you to shop less often. Your capsule collection can be made up of items you already own and love, as well as new quality items.

Last year I knitted a lot only to realize that most of the pieces were a bit of a mistake. I want to do better next year, make better decisions on what my wardrobe needs, rather than knitting on a whim like I usually do.

How do I start?

1. I’m starting slow, using as much of my own clothing as possible. I am going to fill in the gaps with some knitted pieces and make a list to purchase the things I can’t make. Since I live in an extremely warm city now, I want my wardrobe to consist mostly of breezy quality linen and cotton.

2. Creating a color palette for my wardrobe. I love colors! But I don’t need every color at once. At the moment I really into brown and golden hues and will plan my wardrobe accordingly. So this is the color palette I’m going to work with.

This weekend I am going to go through my closet and examine every piece and hopefully I am able to show you my capsule wardrobe for spring soon. I have a few knitted pieces in mind already and can’t wait to get started.